Southern Comfort challenged us to create a new brand campaign that not only captured the smooth, easy flavor of the liquid, but also its' inspiration, New Orleans, the Big Easy. All while capturing the attention of whiskey newbies. The campaign was to exude the relaxed, easy-going mentality of the Big Easy, but not the expected stereotypes of boobs, beads and jazz. Next time you want to order a whisky, tell the bartender to "make it easy". 
VIDEO - :06s Pre-roll
To engage with bar patrons, we created the ultimate Instagram photo opp. We turned the iconic Southern rocking chair you see on every porch in New Orleans into "The Rocker Chair", made for today's millennials – a rocking chair you can still take it easy in, but now with much more style. 

It comes with all the millennial bells and whistles such as bluetooth speakers, a fan, cup holders, and plush, zebra print cushioning. There is even a button that flashes the headlights to signal to the waiter that it's time for a Southern Comfort refill. 
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Red
Executive Creative Director: Steve O'Connell
Creative Director: Todd Taylor
Creative Director: Chris Plehal
Art Director: Justin Rentzel
Copywriter: Colin Smith
Copywriter: Roman Manning
Director: Todd Taylor
Editor: Chip Schofield
Animator: Brian McMicken
Account Lead: Carla Mote
Executive Account Director: Christina Castaldo
Account Executive: Bergan Foley
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