We've met Ye Royal Beer Craftsman and Ye Royal Wizard – let us introduce Ye Royal Deli Attendant. With the hometown football team playing in the Big Game, Dietz & Watson wanted to have a little fun on Big Game Sunday – so we hacked the popularity of a certain big brand beer campaign and gave out free meat across the country, just in time for kickoff. Dietz & Watson asked viewers to send their Big Game deli food requests to Ye Royal Deli Attendant via Facebook Live, and for 10 hours we delivered – live and in person – AND in real-time using local trumpet bearing couriers, Amazon Fresh and a little help from Barry Knight. Deli, Deli!
Watch the full Facebook Live Stream
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Red
Executive Creative Director: Steve O'Connell
Account Lead: Carla Mote
Creative Director: Todd Taylor
Creative Director: Chris Plehal
Art Director: Justin Rentzel
Copywriter: David Valento
Junior Art Director: Mariesa Greenholt
Director of Production: Joe Zoltek
Editor: Chip Schofield
Account Executive: Dani Vitale
Executive Producer: Joe Mosca
Senior Social Media Strategist: Maria Ioannides
Social Media Strategist: Callie Smith
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